Violet and Tessa / by Mila Boekestyn

When i was pregnant with my daughter, I remember thinking of possible girl names and my husband proposed - Sophia.  I always loved that name and I used to have a great - grandmother with that name, so it made sense at the time and we were very happy with our choice.  Once Sophia was born, we quickly realized that we were not the only ones that thought of that name, it's almost like there was some unconscious collective thinking which made Sophia #1 name for almost 5 consecutive years in Quebec and Ontario...  That said, I am having a feeling that the name Violet is coming back and crawling up the charts of popular girl names this year.  I have met another beautiful and precious little Violet.  She had her big sister Tessa showering her with love and attention and although Tessa is only 4 years old, she was handling Violet with such love and care! World, meet Violet!