Kairav / by Mila Boekestyn

Kairav - another beautiful and unique name that I have never heard before, it means: White Lotus (which stands for pure mind and spirit). As you can guess by my logo - I love lotus flower as it represents rebirth and symbolizes purity. The lotus also represents survival, as the flower in not affected by the muddy and murky water in which it blooms.  Well, let me tell you this, my new friend Kairav was just over 2 weeks young during the photoshoot and he was as strong and as alert as a 1 month old, staring right into my eyes and turning his head towards mom and dad as soon as they were around. Power of a white lotus?  Kairav's dad has a very impressive collection of superheroes and he wanted to incorporate them into the photoshoot, so needlesss to say, I had fun - not only I got to play dress-up with Kairav, I also got to play with his superheroes.  World, meet super-baby - Kairav!