Navaiyah / by Mila Boekestyn

Little Navaiyah was born on May 10th, 3 months after her daddy - Nav has lost his battle with cancer. Nav and Simmie have met while pursuing an MBA degree in University of Calgary when Nav has accidentally bumped into Simmie in the hall and fell in love from the first sight. Nav was Simmie's best friend and one true love. He was full of life and laughter - he had a passion for a stand-up comedy, hockey (huge fan of the local team - Calgary Flames), the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) and of course adored his little family. When Nav's first daughter Aradhana was born, he was fully there for her from the moment she has opened her eyes "He was born to be a father" - Simmie said.  We tried to incorporate Nav into this photoshoot as much as we could. Continuing with a theme from Simmie's and Nav's engagement pictures of jeans and black hoodies, Nav's collection of the UFC belts, Flames jerseys, his wedding bands, even his Superman sweatshirt. I could feel Nav's spirit and love in the air, through Aradhana's affection, love and kisses, Simmie's stories and memories to Navaiyah's little smiles in her sleep, Nav was definitely there looking down proudly at his beautiful family.