Cakesmash Photoshoot - Azaad - Calgary and Airdrie Cakesmash Photographer / by Mila Boekestyn

Cakesmash Photoshoot - Calgary and Airdrie Cakesmash Photographer

Let’s talk about the Cakesmash Photoshoot - how it is done and what is included. All of my “Cakesmash” or sometimes I would call them “Smash and Splash” or “1st Birthday” sessions include the following: 1) Mini Family Photoshoot with parents and siblings 2) Baby by him/herself with some cute props 3) Cakesmash action and 4) Bubble bath.

I am on location photographer - which means that I will come to your residence and we will start with a mini family photoshoot just outside your house at a local park (weather permitting) or inside your house. Family photoshoot is all about capturing connection, love and togetherness. I let families be themselves, laugh, play and act silly - always resulting in the best possible shots. I do make sure to get a few posed shots as well.

After the family / siblings shots we move on to some photos of the baby by himself/herself with some adorable props.

The next step is the cakesmash action. Let me let you in on a little secret - not all of the babies LOVE this portion of the photoshoot, some babies are REALLY into this experience and happily go at it - smashing and eating their cake but some babies are a little more shy about the whole “let’s get super messy” experience. Regardless of your baby’s reaction - rest 100% assured that I will capture all of the adorable moments of this experience with memories that you will treasure forever. My advice to you (which might help you to prepare your baby for the cakesmash photoshoot) is to introduce your little one to the taste of something sugary or sweet a few days prior to the cakesmash session. Alternatively if you are not too keen on the whole “cake” experience - there are plenty of other cool things your baby can smash (i.e. Taco Smash, Spaghetti Smash, Butter-chicken Smash….), possibilities are endless!

The last step is of course the “Splash” or “Bubble Bath” photos - regardless of what your baby will be smashing - it is always a good idea to let him/her splash in a tub and play with some rubber ducks! For this portion of the session we can either go with a “Bubble Bath” or a “Milk Bath with Flowers”.

For more information about my Cakesmash sessions follow the link.

Now that you know how everything works behind the scenes, check out Azaad’s cakesmash photoshoot.

Portrait of a family of 4 - mother, father and 2 sons. Family photoshoot ideas - Calgary Family Photographer
Portrait of a mother and son. Calgary Family Photographer
Portrait of a father and son. Calgary family photographer.
Portraits of 2 young boys. Brothers. Family photographer in Calgary, Alberta
Portrait of a mother and her son. Family photographer in Calgary, Alberta
Father and son portrait. Calgary and Airdrie, Alberta family photographer. Milashka Photography
Baby boy is sitting beside a giant letter “A” and smiling. Calgary baby photographer - Milashka Photography
Baby boy sitting on a floor with a wooden antique horse. Calgary and Airdrie baby photographer
Baby boy is sitting on a floor and wearing an aviator hat with a little wooden plane beside him. Calgary baby photographer.
Cakesmash photoshoot idea. Little baby boy is sitting beside his cake and smiling. Calgary cakesmash photographer
Cakesmash photoshoot. Baby boy is looking at the camera - not too sure what to do with his cake. Cakesmash set up. Calgary and Airdrie Cakesmash photographer
Little boy has his finger on his birthday cake - ready to taste the icing for the first time. Cakesmash photoshoot ideas. Calgary and Airdrie cakesmash and first birthday photographer.
Birthday boy is standing proudly beside his birthday cake. First birthday photoshoot in Calgary, Alberta
Little foot covered in a birthday cake icing. First birthday photoshoot. Cakesmash in Calgary, Alberta
A little boy sitting in a tub and playing with rubber ducks. Smash and Splash photoshoot in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.