Cakesmash Photoshoot - Benjamin's 1st Birthday - Calgary and Airdrie Cakesmash Photographer / by Mila Boekestyn

Cakesmash Photoshoot - Calgary and Airdrie Cakesmash Photographer

This was my fourth time taking photos for this beautiful family. You can check out Avery’s Newborn Photoshoot here and her cakesmash session here. Benjamin’s newborn session here and this was his cakesmash session. Of course with our unpredictable weather in Calgary - it snowed the day before the photoshoot and we have just made the best of it. We have started with some family shots at the local green space (or shall I say “white” space?) and then we have proceeded with the Cakesmash photoshoot - and as you can see in these photos Benjamin LOVED it! He was smashing it and smashing it till the point that Avery became worried that she won’t have any cake left for herself, so she came to the rescue and helped her brother finish the cake, which he didn’t mind and even tried to feed it to her. I remember for Avery’s cakesmash - she was so careful with the cake, just picking little pieces slowly like a real lady, not Benjamin - he didn’t care about getting his hands dirty. And he definitely enjoyed his bubble bath too - splashing and laughing and having the time of his life.

If you are in Calgary, Airdrie and surrounding area and interested in a cakesmash session for your 1 year old, reach out - I absolutely love these fun, messy and memorable sessions!

1 year old baby boy is sitting on a little bed. Calgary baby photographer - Milashka Photography
Baby boy is sitting on a seamless backdrop and is wearing a cute hat.
Baby boy and his 2 year old sister are playing with their dog. Calgary photographer.
Sister is giving a loving hug to her baby brother. Calgary children photographer -Milashka Photography
Baby boy is about to smash his 1st birthday cake. Calgary Cakesmash Photographer.
Baby boy just tried his birthday cake for the first time and is licking his finger. Cakesmash photographer in Calgary, Alberta
Birthday boy is smashing his birthday cake. Calgary cakesmash photographer
Happy little 1 year old is eating his first cake. Calgary and Airdrie cakesmash photographer
Happy baby boy is smashing his birthday cake and playing with balloons. Calgary Cakesmash photographer.
Happy 1 year old has his whole face covered in cake. Calgary and Airdrie cakesmash photographer
Birthday boy is eating his birthday cake and is covered in sugar goodness. Cakesmash in YYC. YYC cakesmash photographer
Little feet and a hand covered in a cake. Cakesmash action in Calgary, Alberta
Big sister came to help her 1 year old brother with the cake. Cakesmash photoshoot in Calgary, Alberta.
1 year old birthday boy is sharing his smashed cake with his 2 year old sister. Calgary cakesmash photographer
Birthday boy is sharing his birthday cake with his sister. Cakesmash photoshoot in Calgary, Alberta.
Birthday boy is sitting in a tub for his bubble bath and smiling. Smash and Splash photoshoot in Calgary.
Smash and Splash photoshoot. Baby boy is sitting in a tub and is smiling. Smash and Splash session by an Airdrie and Calgary photographer - Milashka photography
2 year old sister came to play with her 1 year old brother, while he is sitting in a tub full of bubbles. Smash and Splash photoshoot in Calgary, Alberta.
Family shot of parents and their 2 toddlers
Dad has his son up in the air. Family photographer in Calgary, Alberta
Mother and son. Calgary family photographer - Milashka photography
Mom is spinning her daughter in this family photoshoot in Calgary, Alberta
Dad has his daughter up in the air and she is laughing. Calgary photographer.
Family of 4 are holding hands and walking towards a photographer. Calgary family photographer - Milashka Photography
Sister and brother are sitting beside each other and looking at the camera. Calgary children photographer
A toddler girl is holding tulips while there is snow everywhere. Calgary and Airdrie family photographer
Happy little toddler girl is spinning around in her pink dress and sticking her tongue out. Calgary photographer.