Cakesmash Photoshoot - Felix - Calgary and Airdrie Photographer / by Mila Boekestyn

Cakesmash Photoshoot - Calgary and Airdrie Photographer

This was my third session with this cute little sweetheart, always so happy and beyond adorable! Felix - a rockstar in a making and the last Jedi. His newborn photoshoot was inspired by the Star Wars theme (you can see it here) and his Sitter session was Star Wars / Harry Potter combined (see it here). Well.... his cakesmash photoshoot was plain and simple - Rock N Roll - Felix was smashing his first guitar - a very tasty cake prepared by his mommy. This was an epic finale for the First Year "Watch me Grow" experience. I will miss you Felix and I hope to see you for more milestones in a future!

Family with a little boy. Airdrie and Calgary Photographer
Mom and son photograph. Calgary family photographer.
Sweet little redhead boy with his dad. Calgary photographer.
Boy and his wooden horse. Redheads rock! Airdrie and Calgary Children's Photographer.
Boy and a wooden plane. Aviator. Airdrie and Calgary child photographer.
One year old boy with a wooden plane. Airdrie and Calgary child photographer.
Little redhead boy with a drum set.  Ed Sheeran watch out. Calgary photographer.
Little redhead boy is playing drums. Calgary and Airdrie Photographer.
Little boy is playing drums. Airdrie, Calgary, Alberta child photographer.
Cakesmash Guitar Cake for a one year old. Calgary Cakesmash Photographer.
Cakeshmash photoshoot. Little redhead one year old boy is smashing his first guitar cake. Calgary cakesmash photographer.
Successful Cakesmash. Little redhead boy is loving his birthday cake. Calgary cakesmash photographer.
Cakesmash photoshoot. Rock N Roll style - smashing a guitar cake. Airdrie and Calgary photographer
Baby boy with a face covered in cake. Successful cakesmash. Airdrie and Calgary Photographer.
Smashed guitar cake and little feet. Calgary cakesmash photographer.
Baby boy enjoying a bubble bath after a successful cakesmash photoshoot. Calgary and Airdrie cakesmash photographer.
Baby boy is enjoying a bubble bath after smashing his cake. Calgary cakesmash photographer.
Felix reading a book about Felix. Baby boy enjoying his bubble bath while reading a book after smashing his birthday cake. Airdrie and Calgary Cakesmash photographer.