Cakesmash photoshoot - Mahaan - Calgary Baby Photographer / by Mila Boekestyn

Cakesmash photoshoot - Calgary Baby Photographer

I cannot believe that it has been a year since I have photographed little Mahaan’s newborn session. His parents have purchased one of my Bundles for Baby’s 1st year and I had an honour to photograph Mahaan during all his important milestones. You can see his newborn session here and his sitter session here. This was his third session with me and as with all of my Cakesmash sessions we took some family photos, Mahaan on his own, cakesmash action and bubble bath after the cakesmash. Mahaan had a great time smashing that cake and really enjoyed the bubble bath. Happy First Birthday dear prince!

Happy 1 year old sitting on a sled and smiling for his Christmas inspired photoshoot
First Birthday board and a birthday boy. Milashka Photography. Calgary Newborn and baby photographer
Family portrait. Parents, toddler and a dog. Calgary Family photographer. Milashka Photography
First Birthday photoshoot. Calgary Cakesmash Photographer. Baby boy is reaching for his birthday cake. Milashka photography
Happy little prince smashing his birthday cake. Calgary Cakesmash Photographer. Milashka Photography
This cake is yummy! Birthday boy is trying his cake. Cakesmash photoshoot. Calgary photographer. Milashka photography
Little boy is covered in cake. Cakesmash photoshoot. Calgary Photographer. Milashka Photography
Birthday boy is covered in his cake smiling. Cakesmash photography. Milashka Photography
Cakesmash done! Birthday boy is done with his cake. Cakesmash photoshoot. Calgary photographer. Milashka Photography
Baby boy is taking a bubble bath after smashing his cake during a cakesmash photoshoot. Calgary photographer. Milashka Photography