Jennifer and Brett by Mila Boekestyn

This was a very exciting photoshoot for me.  I have met Jenn and Brett a few years back while on vacation in Barbados.  I was so happy to find out that Jennifer is expecting a little baby boy this coming Thanksgiving and was honoured when she has asked me to take her maternity and newborn pictures.  Jenn and Brett's friend is the owner of the site where the movie "The Assassination of Jesse James" with Brad Pitt was filmed. This place was amazing - old fashioned windows and fireplace, rustic looking houses and fences - a dream location for any photographer!  And on top of that we had perfect weather to add to the mood of the shoot.

Alyssa by Mila Boekestyn

Alyssa is 2 weeks young and her furry sister Sally just adores her!  When I met Sally for the first time, I thought she would have a hard time sharing her parents with a new baby, but what have actually happened is the reverse.  Sally was very curious and even suspicious when I was working with Alyssa and she was very happy to cooperate for family photoshoots :-) World, meet Alyssa!

Vajini and Anushka by Mila Boekestyn

This couple is expecting their first baby at the end of August. Their little baby girl will be surrounded by love from everyone, however she will have some serious competition for love and attention from her cute little furry sister - Sally :-)  I have never seen a dog so attached to her owners - she just wanted to sit on her parents' lap the whole time, she was proudly wearing little dresses and shoes, drinking water from a bottle and crying as soon as Vajini and Anushka would step away for a second! This will be interesting :-)

Finley and Celeste by Mila Boekestyn

This time around it was a newborn photo shoot of a very different nature. A brand new puppy - Finley - 2 months old.  Celeste have just picked her up from a breeder a few days ago and is already so much in love with her new baby :-)  Finley is a Shiba. The Shiba dog breed was originally bred to flush birds and small game, and was occasionally used to hunt wild boar.  Shiba is one of Japan's smallest breeds and is known for his spirited personality, small upright ears and cat-like agility. Congrats Celeste!