Milk Bath Maternity Photoshoot - How it is done - Jenn - Calgary and Airdrie Maternity Photographer / by Mila Boekestyn

Milk Bath Maternity Photoshoot - How it is done -Calgary and Airdrie Maternity Photographer

Have you ever wished to take a bath full of money or maybe full of champagne (just like you see in the movies)… well this was kind of like that but it was full of milk and flowers!

Maternity photoshoots are so very special - this is the time to capture your connection with your ever changing body, the love you have for your unborn child and the sweet anticipation of his or her or their (just like in this case) arrival. So for those of you who are wondering about the tactics of the milk bath maternity photoshoot, how it is done, you are in the right place. I will give you some tips and tricks to make this maternity photoshoot a success!

Milk: First of all - of course you will need some milk! You don’t actually need to fill up the WHOLE bathtub with milk, you really only need SOME milk for the colour of the water to change. Some people use cream or even a powder milk - all of these will work. So start by filling up your bathtub with warm water, once it is 3/4 or 1/2 full (don’t fill it up too much, you want to make sure you can still see the belly out of the water) add some milk until the water colour changes to white.

Clothing: you can either go with a lace maternity gown or nude - totally depends on your preference. Once the bath is full with the water and some milk, jump in!

Flowers: Once you are sitting comfortably in the bath, the photographer can start adding some flowers. You want to add flowers AFTER you are in the bath as some might start to sink if you are trying to get into the bathtub full with flowers. Here is another important tip: the flowers HAVE to be real. If you try to use fake flowers, they will definitely all sink! Also make sure to buy real / natural flowers not some fancy coloured ones because they will stain your bath (yep, learned on my mistake).

Of course make sure you have good lighting (bathrooms with a natural light from a window would be ideal), and enjoy your milk bath!

Milk Bath Maternity Session. Beautiful mom-to-be is enjoying her milk bath surrounded by flowers. Calgary Maternity Photographer - Milk Bath Photoshoot - Milashka Photography
Mom-to-be sitting in a bathtub full of milk and flowers wearing a white lace dress. Milk bath maternity session ideas. Calgary milk bath maternity photographer - Milashka Photography
Milk bath photoshoot. Mom-to-be sitting in a bathtub full of milk and flowers. Calgary milk bath maternity photoshoot.
Milk bath maternity session. Beautiful mom-to-be sitting in a milk bathtub, surrounded by floating flowers and smiling. Milk bath ideas. Maternity milk bath photoshoot in Calgary and Airdrie, Alberta.
Belly shot in a milk bath. Milk bath maternity session. Calgary and Airdrie maternity photographer - Milashka Photography
Mom-to-be and her toddler son are enjoying a milk bath during mom’s milk bath maternity photoshoot. Calgary Maternity Photographer - Milashka Photography
Milk Bath maternity session. Mom-to-be in the bathtub full of milk and flowers. Calgary and area maternity photographer - Milashka Photography