Mountain Maternity Photoshoot - Kananaskis Country - Calgary and Airdrie Photographer / by Mila Boekestyn

Mountain Maternity Photoshoot - Kananaskis Country - Calgary and Airdrie Photographer

I wanted to do a maternity photoshoot in the mountains for a very long time. We are lucky to be living so close to the mountains, where the air is so crisp and pure, the view is breathtaking and you feel so connected to nature. Pregnancy is a very special moment in woman's life when your body is working on growing a little human being and you are full of anticipation and excitement to meet your new baby.  I believe that nature and the beauty of an expectant mother goes so well together. I was very lucky to have gorgeous Nataliya come with me to the beautiful Kananaskis country to model my new maternity gowns.  When I see Nataliya's pictures in the white dress, I think that this is probably how the "Mother Winter" would look like if she was a person - simply breathtaking! 

Mountain Maternity photoshoot in Alberta, Canada. Mother to be in a red gown on a white snow.
Red Maternity Gown on the White Snow in the mountains. Alberta Maternity Photographer. 
Mom to be in a beautiful red gown. Kananaskis maternity photoshoot. Calgary Photographer.
Maternity photoshoot in Alberta. View of the three sisters mountains close to Canmore, AB. Faith, Charity and Hope. Airdrie and Calgary Maternity photographer.
Maternity Photoshoot in the mountains. Mom to be in a purple dress on a snow.
Mom to be in a purple gown. Winter Maternity Photoshoot. Calgary and Airdrie photographer.
Mother Winter. Maternity Mountain Photoshoot. Alberta photographer.
Winter maternity photoshoot in the mountains. Mother-to-be in a white gown. Calgary photographer.
Winter mountain maternity session in Kananaskis Country. Mother-to-be in a white gown. Alberta photographer.
Mountain Maternity session during winter. Beautiful mother-to-be wearing a white gown on a snow in the mountains. Calgary and Airdrie photographer.