NICU experience in Calgary - YYC identical twins - Calgary and Airdrie Photographer - Paige and Quinn / by Mila Boekestyn

NICU experience in Calgary - YYC identical twin girls - Calgary and Airdrie Photographer

What an amazing experience this was! I was so excited when my friend Jenn, has asked me if I would be interested to photograph her identical twin girls Paige and Quinn, while they were looking after them at the NICU. I have never been in the NICU before and had no idea what to expect. This NICU is located at the South Health Campus, a large, beautiful, new hospital in the South of Calgary, Alberta. As I understand all NICU's rules are different depending on the hospital, but this one allows for photographers to come in and document precious first moments of new lives.

Paige and Quinn were born on April 8, 2019 at 35 weeks + 4 days, with Paige weighing at 3.75lbs and Quinn at 4.88lbs. They were both doing great, however the girls had to stay at the NICU for a few weeks, since the full term for twins is considered 37 weeks. In order to be discharged from the NICU - premies need to gain some weight and to be able to eat on their own.

This photoshoot took place when the girls were 12 days old. I fell in love with them instantly - how can one resist heir sweet little innocent faces!? And guess what their middle name is? Yes - it is Mila! I remember during one of Liam’s photoshoots (Paige and Quinn’s big brother) when he was about 3 months old, I told Jenn that if she will ever have a daughter, she should call her “Mila” (no, no, not after me lol….) but my name has all the same letters as Liam - so I thought it would be super cute… well… well… well - I got my wishes x 2.

I had an honour to observe and document Jenn and Brett feeding the girls - they were drinking pumped breast milk from the bottles and if they would fall asleep before finishing the whole bottle, they were getting the leftover milk through the tube that goes directly to their tummy. All their feeding is scheduled and recorded in the chart and closely monitored by nurses.

After the feeding, I had a chance to photograph their very first bath - the nurses in the NICU were all so very helpful and patient while teaching Jenn how to give the girls a bath - and I was surprised and fascinated that all of the cords that were attached to monitor girls vital signs are water-resistant and Jenn was able to bathe them with the cords still attached!

When the girls were just born, big brother Liam had a bit of a cough, so he hasn’t had a chance to meet them yet. This was the very first time that Liam got to meet his two little sisters. In the beginning he was very cautious and observant, sitting on Brett’s shoulders, while Jenn brought each baby to him and introduced them one by one. But as the time went on, he was right there - trying to help with brushing Paige’s hair after the bath and tickling her toes.

The girls are now home and everyone is doing great and getting used to the routine (one can only imagine how busy life is with 2 newborn babies and a toddler). I can’t wait for my official “Newborn session” with the girls, stay tuned! Welcome to the world beautiful Paige and Quinn!!

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