Superhero cakesmash photoshoot - Navaiyah - Calgary and Airdrie Photographer / by Mila Boekestyn

Superhero cakesmash photoshoot - Calgary and Airdrie Photographer

I have met Nava for her newborn photoshoot a year ago and here she is all grown up smashing her Supergirl cake.  As some of you might remember Nava's story - her daddy Nav, has passed away while she was still in her mommy's belly (you can read more about this here), so we have incorporated allot of things that Nav loved into Nava's newborn session, which you can see here. For her 1st birthday / cakesmash we decided to continue incorporating Nav into his girls' lives.  Simmie, Ara and Nava all had their jeans and black hoodies for their family photos as this is how Simmie and Nav were dressed for their engagement photoshoot. Nav used to love Superheros, so the theme for the cakesmash was easy - Supergirl Nava smashing a Superhero cake, lovingly prepared by her mom.  And let me tell you, this Superhero cakesmash photoshoot couldn't have been any more successful. Nava was truly enjoying the whole experience and she absolutely loved the cake and smashed it till there was nothing left.  I felt like Nav's spirit was there watching over his girls. Happy 1st Birthday beautiful Nava!

Mommy and her girls by the lake. Calgary photographer. Milashka Photography
Two cute girls dressed as superheroes with balloons by the lake. Calgary family photographer. Milashka Photography.
Mommy and her daughters dressed in Superheroes skirts. Calgary and Airdrie family photographer. Milashka Photography
Sisters. Two sweet sisters sitting on a bed. Calgary children photographer. Milashka photography
Little girl dressed in a purple romper crawling. Calgary children photographer. Milashka Photography.
Sweet little girl dressed in a purple romper. 1st Birthday photoshoot ideas. Calgary children photographer. Milashka Photography.
Sweet little girl, dressed in a purple romper clapping hands. Calgary and Airdrie baby photographer. Milashka photography
Superhero cakesmash photoshoot for a girl. Baby girl smashing her superhero cake. Calgary cakesmash photographer. Milashka Photography.
Supergirl is smashing her birthday cake. Superheroes inspired photoshoot for girls. Milashka Photography - Calgary and Airdrie photographer.
Little hands all in. I am going to smash this cake. Cakesmash photoshoot. Calgary photographer
Little feet all covered in cake icing. Cakesmash photoshoot. Calgary photographer. Milashka photography
Don't mind me, I am just enjoying my cake. Cakesmash photoshoot. Superheroes inspired photoshoot for girls. Calgary photographer. Milashka Photography
Happy girl covered in cake. Superhero inspired cakesmash photoshoot. Calgary cakesmash photographer.
Smashing that cake till there is not a crumb left. Superhero inspired cakesmash photoshoot for girls. Milashka Photography - Calgary cakesmash photographer.
Baby girl crawling away from her smashed cake. Cakesmash photoshoot in Calgary, Alberta. Calgary and Airdrie photographer - Milashka Photography.
Baby girl enjoying her bubble bath. First birthday. Cakesmash. Bubble bath. Calgary photographer. Milashka Photography
Baby girl looking at her foot in a bubble bath after a cakesmash. Milashka Photography - Calgary cakesmash photographer.
Family photo of a mother, daughters and a dad who has passed away. "I will always be there watching over you". Family love. Family unity. Calgary Family photographer. Milashka Photography